InBody Dial Weighing Scale Organic Chia Seed To Go Star Challenge How-To Star Challenge 2020

Star Challenge 2020

This 60-day app challenge will have you looking good and allows you to take home some cool and amazing prizes! Get ready to form a team and have fun! The Star Challenge kicks off on 22 June 2020 for all Amway Business Owners (ABOs) only.

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RESULTS ARE IN! 30-Day Challenge 60-DAY Challenge 15 Days Guide

Fit With BodyKey Challenge

Choose the contest duration, use the 15 Days Guide, motivate your team members, keep your eye on the prizes and set forth on your BodyKey body transformation journey now!

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2 Sizes Down Challenge Result Tone Up Challenge Result Get Fit Get Fab with BodyKey

Get Fit Get Fab with BodyKey

Teamwork makes the dream work! Congratulations to the winning teams for the 2 Sizes Down Challenge and the Tone Up Challenge!

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Body Weight Category Body Fat Category Teamwork Makes Losing Weight EASIER!

Teamwork Makes Losing Weight EASIER!

Congratulations to all Winners who successfully transformed their bodies by achieving their fitness and weight loss goals!

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